2 Various Types of Pool Cleaners

The self-contained and low voltage electric pool cleaners are not new to this modern world because we have used it starting from 1960 from the common brand companies which includes the aquabot, aquavac, dolphin, and smartpool. The robotic cleaners are made by 3 persons namely Hayward, Pentair and zodiac and the word robotic cleaners are comes from the use of the motors, chips, and sensors in it.

There are two types of pool cleaners available in the market which are named as below,

  • Robotic pool cleaners,
  • Jet propulsion pool cleaners,

Robotic Pool Cleaners:

The robotic cleaners are the transformers which are plugged into a wall outlet and it has 50 ft long Robotic Pool Cleanersin length. The main cord from the cleaners units is plugs into the transformers and this kind of the transformer takes 110 volts from your outlet and “transforms” it, or “steps it down” to the much-safer-around-water 24 volts.

On the other hand, the low voltage power operates the cleaners by giving power for two stepper motors or dc brushless motors. A pump motor that draws the debris into the units filter and a drive motor that moves the unit around the whole pool. The pump motor which draws the water from the beneath unit and discharges it at the top of the unit.

In addition to that cleaning, the pool with the pump motor will keep the unit pressed firmly to the floor or wall. The drive motor which propels the robot cleaners over the pool surfaces. This pool is connected via a gear train to power the belts and tracks that rotate 2 transverse cylindrical rollers to brush and scrub the pool surfaces.

Advantages of the robotic pool cleaners:

  • The pool filter is not required to be operating, and many recommend operating the cleaner with the pool filtration system off, to allow suspended particles to settle to the floor while the cleaner is operating.
  • Robot cleaners also do quite well with their pool coverage and speed, although not all units can climb walls.

Disadvantage of robotic pool cleaners:

  • They are somewhat heavy to handle, and some repairs can be costly,
  • They may not be the best choice for heavy debris, with large sticks, leaves or acorns, or for pools with uneven surfaces, beach entry or steep slopes.

Jet Propulsion Pool Cleaners:

This is a new type of pool cleaners which works as like the robotic cleaners but with the high flow of current with a simple design. The jet cleaners are available with a lower price than the all other robotic pool cleaners. This kind of pool cleaners is gained a strong foothold in the marketplace.

Advantages of jet propulsion pool cleaners:

  • Jet cleaners operate with a low voltage, dc pump which draws water up into the vacuum port, and discharges the water through jets that assist in cleaning and also propel the four wheels of the unit.

Disadvantages of jet propulsion pool cleaners:

  • It is less efficient than the original robotic cleaners.

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