Best Pool Filter Reviews 2017: Ultimate Buying Guide


Generally speaking, everyone loves to swim or relax in the swimming pool. It is one of the great exercises too. It helps to keep our body as fresh and active. Not only that but also the swimming helps to maintain our body weight. Undoubtedly, maintenance of the swimming pool is a very biggest task. It requires many essential components. One of the important components for maintaining the pool is the pool filter.

The main role of the pool filter is to clean the pool water without any debris or microns. If you want to stop the growth of the bacteria and algae formation in the pool water, then you should clean the pool water frequently with the help of the quality pool filter.

Normally, the pool filter is divided into 3 types such as cartridge pool filter, Diatomaceous earth filter, and sand pool filter. These 3 are doing their job perfectly which means you can choose whatever type of the pool filter you want it’s all based on your pool size. Commonly, the pool filter comes in the various sizes so choosing the right filter is tough. Whatever it is, lets we talk about the ultimate pool filter buying guide.

How does Pool Filter work?

Basically, the pool filter has the ability to clean the debris from the pool water so you can easily maintain the pool water as a crystal clear. The pool filter works using the simple principle to clean the pool water. In the pool filter, the skimmer, secondary basket, and filter cartridge are the most important components.

At first, the skimmer plays the important role in the pool filter. This skimmer draws the water from the pool and sends it into the filtration system. It contains the large basket so the large dust or debris is filtered in it.

After the water goes into the secondary basket, here the filtration system removes all types of the minute debris completely. Finally, the water will be sent into the filter cartridge.

Usually, the filter cartridge comes in the shape of the round as well as the square. This shape of the filter cartridge will help to remove the fiber materials thoroughly. After that, it sends out the water into the pool so finally, you will get the clean and fresh pool water.

Most of the pool filters contain the timer. If you use the timer, then it will operate automatically which means it cleans the water automatically. In case, if your choice is the pool filter with no timer, then you should operate it manually. It takes lots of time to clean. Not only that but also the manually operated pool filters requires the high maintenance comparatively than the other.

Things to consider when buying the pool filter

Nowadays, the pool filter gets more demand in the market because of its performance. There are tons of the brands are available in the pool filter so you may get stuck to choose the perfect one for your pool. However, use the factors for choosing the brands of the pool filter in the market so you have an idea to choose the best filter for fresh up your pool gently.

Types of the pool filter

As I said before, the pool filter comes in the 3 types. Each type has the ability to clean your pool fantastically. At first, when it comes to the cartridge filter is best for the people those who have the residential pool. This filter consumes low energy when comparing to the other types and also it is low in cost too.

Now, when it comes to the sand filter are extremely good to work with the large size of the pool because it holds with the large tanks. Besides, when comparing to the other types, this sand filter can able to clean the microns up to 20% extra. Moreover, it provides the good life to you.

Last but not least one, the diatomaceous filter is one of the best types of the pool filter. It is the best to catch the microns effectively. Besides, this filter is quite high in cost than the others. Not only that but also you need to maintain it properly if you want to enjoy its performance for longer years.

Cleaning ability

Yes, after you select the best type of the pool filter for your swimming pool, you should consider the next important factors of the cleaning ability. All the filters have the ability to clean the large type of the debris or dust easily in the water. But, the matter is the microns which mean select the pool filter in which one has the ability to clean the microns or minute sand particles in the pool water. Why because? The microns will dirt the water heavily and it’s spread out the diseases to your body through the water.


Without any doubt, the third important factor for considering the pool filter is the maintenance. Most of the pool filter product in the market requires the maintenance as high so most of the people are suffering from it.

One of the excellent solutions to tackle this problem is to choose the filter in which one is made using the better quality materials. As the same way, choose the high warranty period of the pool filter. Furthermore, check whether the selecting pool filter is easy to handle or not.

The Best Pool Filter Reviews

Now, we have to talk about the reviews of the top famous product in the market. You can use these pool filters in both of the in-ground and the above ground pools. The features, advantages as well as the disadvantages of the top 5 filters are as follows,

PeoTRIOL 10-Pack Swimming Pool Skimmer Socks

Generally, this PeoTRIOL 10-Pack Swimming Pool Skimmer Socks is one of the familiar branded skimmer socks in the marketplace. With the help of this pool skimmer socks, you can prevent your pump impeller as well as the shaft from the unwanted damages. Not only that but also this pool skimmer socks is one of the best solutions to extend the life of the pool filter.

PeoTRIOL 10-Pack Swimming Pool Skimmer Socks

Great cleaning ability:

Mostly, the debris in the pool will clog your pool completely so the water will be easily attacked by the bacteria or algae. This skimmer sock has the ability to filter the dust like leaves, grass, hair, needle, bugs, as well as the other types of debris. So, it helps to prevent your pool from the clogging.


  • This skimmer sock is washable.
  • It is ultra-durable.


  • This skimmer sock is quite costly.


If you want to get the better performance from this skimmer socks, then you should replace it every 4-8 weeks.

Intex 29000E/59900E Easy Set Pool Replacement Type A or C Filter Cartridge

One of the best pool filter for your budget is known as the Intex 29000E/59900E cartridge filter. Commonly, this filter is completely built using the top-grade materials of the Dacron materials so it is easy to use and also you can setup to your pool easily as soon as possible.

Easy Set Pool Replacement Type A or C Filter Cartridge

  • Quick clean:

This pool filter is quite small in size so you can install it effortlessly in your pool. Moreover, with the help of this effective filter, you can clean the debris and microns in the pool successfully.

To get the good performance from the filter, you should replace the filter every 2 weeks continuously. Furthermore, it can able to filter the 530 gallons of the pool water per hour simply without taking any efforts.


  • The water flow rate is quite high than the other.
  • The quality of this filter is pretty good to use.


  • It is available only in single size.
  • Maintenance is slightly tough.


However, this filter comes with the good price as well as the good quality. If you wish to buy this filter at the original price, then the online is the best place.

Intex Type A Filter Cartridge for Pools

Do you wish to get the 2 pack of the pool filter at an affordable rate? If so, then choose the wonderful product of the Intex Type-A Filter Cartridge in the marketplace.

Most of the people are facing the issue while cleaning the pool using the pool filter is the improper cleaning which means some of the filter does not help to clean the fiber material in the pool. If you want to clean the fiber materials in the pool, then use this Dacron made of the pool filter.

  • Safe to clean:

When comparing to the other types of the filter in the market, it is very safe and also it is durable too. Moreover, it provides the error-free performance which means this pool filter has the ability to filter all types of the hard as well as the minute debris effectively.

Besides, it is replaceable so you can replace it every 2 weeks of time to enjoy the best result from this filter.


  • This filter comes with the decent price.
  • The quality of this filter is incomparable.


  • The company does not offer the manual to use it.


All things to consider, use this simple and afford pool filter to clean your pool and enjoy the fresh pool water in this summer.


Hayward CX1200RE Replacement Filter Cartridge

Definitely, you all heard about this Hayward CX1200RE Replacement Filter Cartridge. Yes, this is one of the fabulous as well as the well-known product. More than the 10 million of the people impressed the quality of this cartridge filter.

  • Excellent cleaning capacity:

Most of the pool filter does not fit properly on your pump. Are you getting suffered from it? If so, then this filter is the right solution for that which means you can easily fit this filter into the pump easily without putting any efforts.

Moreover, when it comes to the cleaning ability of this pool filter is amazing. The durable construction of this pool filter helps to clean the pool water completely within a short amount of time.

In addition, the high water flow rate of this filter has the ability to clean the leaves, sands, hairs, as well as all types of the fiber materials.


  • This pool filter life is high than the other.
  • The durable construction ensures the less maintenance.


  • The performance of this filter is too slow.


To sum up, this filter comes with the compact size and also the quality is really great to use so try to replace and install this filter instead of the old one to get the fresh pool water.

Final Verdict:

I’m damn sure the reviews about the above 5 pool filter will really helpful for you to select the best pool filter product in the market. Furthermore, when comparing to the other, give your first preference to the above pool filter why because these filters are highly tested and also it suits your budget. What’s more? Pick the filter that you want based on your convenient and enjoy the crystal clear of the pool water to relax and enjoy with your family members in this summer.

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