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In general, swimming pool is one of the best places to get the relaxation during the summer season. In the ancient days, the people are using the In-ground pools in the backyard of the home. But, nowadays, the above ground pools get the over demand in the market because of space saving, cost, and its performance.

Furthermore, the above ground pools are great to use in the winter. Installing the pool in our home is not the easiest thing as the same fashion, maintaining the pool also toughest one. If you wish to maintain your pool in a good way, then you need to buy some important pool equipment. So, one of the essential pool equipment to maintain your pool is the pool pump.

This swimming pump does the fantastic job which means without the pool pump we can’t able to enjoy the freshness in the pool. Even, the pool pump is otherwise called as the heart of the swimming pool.

Whatever it is, this article gives to you the information of the ultimate pool pump buying guide. Read the below passages carefully and gather some unknown facts about the pump in here.

How Does Pool Pump work?

Actually, before going to see the factors of the pump, you should previously know some common information about the function of the pump. You may think it is not necessary to know about the functions of the pump. But, it is a must why because if you know the operation of the pump clearly, then you can easily judge and select the exact one for you in the market.

When it comes to the function of the pool pump is very simple. Mostly, we all using the chemicals to clean the bacteria or destroy the algae formation in the pool. So, this pump helps to circulate the chemicals evenly in the pool and the chemicals will easily spread into all the direction of the pool. Not only that but also the pump circulate the water in the pool equally.

To maintain your pump safely, you should place under the shelter during the severe weather condition. On the other hand, clean the pump frequently to get its performance for several years of time without facing any error.

Moreover, keep the pool pump safely and don’t allow your children or pets near to the pump.

Things to consider when buying Pool Pump

Now, we have to look at the factors to consider for selecting the swimming pool pump on the open market. These important factors will really helpful for identifying the best one in the thousands of the pump in the market. Such important factors of the pool pump are as follows,

Types of the pool pump

Commonly, the pool pump is 3 types such as single speed of the pool pump, dual speed as well as the variable speed of the pool pump. Don’t pick any type of the pump directly. At first, you should analyze the size of your pool. If your pool size is quite small, then the single speed is more than enough. Otherwise, if you pool is medium or large size, then go to the dual or variable speed of the pump respectively.


Certainly, the second important factor of the pool pump is the maintenance. If you are going to buy the low quality as well as the lower rate of the pool pump, then it requires the high maintenance. Not only that but also you can face too many issues early if you are using the low-quality pump. Don’t you like to spend an extra charge to repair the pool pump frequently? If so, then go to the branded items. The branded products are high in quality and also it provides an error-free operation to you.

Size of the pool pump

Of course, the size is very must to consider while you buying the pool pump in the store. The size of the pump will be varying which means the pool pump comes with the various sizes. First and foremost, consider the size of your pool and check whether the pump has the ability to circulate the large gallons of the water per hours of time or not.

The Best Pool Pump Reviews

Don’t you know which the best pool pump in the market is? If so, then read the reviews of the below products. These products are the top best products as well as these get the high demand in the market.

Doheny’s Replacement Swimming Pool Pump

Do you have the above ground pool in your home? If you wish to buy the right price of the pump for your pool, then this Doheny’s Replacement Swimming Pool Pump is suited for you. Furthermore, it offers the outstanding performance to you.

  • Durable construction:

This pump is designed using the advanced engineering technology and it is made using the heavy-duty materials. Not only that but also it provides the good life to you. Moreover, it uses the advanced design of the motor so it does not create the noise while it works.

  • Easy cleaning:

It contains the large filter basket. It allows you to clean it easily without any efforts. Moreover, it can able to manage all types of the weather simply which means it is corrosive resistance so you can enjoy its benefits for several years.


  • It comes with the good price that suits your lower budget.


  • The body is large in size.


To sum up, this pool pump delivers the great power so confidently, you will get the better result from it.

Intex Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter Pump

Generally, this Intex Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter Pump is one of the lightweight as well as the easy portable of the pump in the market. It is best to install in the above ground pools. Furthermore, with the help of this pool filter pump, you can easily refresh your pool water and maintain the water circulation gently at all time.

  • Quick installation:

Don’t be scared about the installation, this pool pump allows you to install for your above ground within few minutes of time. Moreover, attach the hoses gently and get the extraordinary performance from it.

  • Great water flow rate:

When it comes to the pump flow rate of this filter pump is 1,000 gallons of water and the system flow rate of the pump is 750 gallons of the water.


  • It comes with the stress-free color of gray.


  • The item weight is a little bit more than the other in the market.


However, this pool filter pump works using the Type-A as well as the Type-C cartridges and you should replace it once in a week properly to get the error-free performance.

Intex Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter 2500 GPH Pump

Definitely, you have experienced the filter pool pump. Most of the pool pump does not allow you to replace the cartridges simply. If you want to buy the pool pump with easy replacement of the cartridges, then this Intex Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter 2500 GPH Pump is the fabulous option for you.

  • Portable construction:

Yes, this filter pool pump is less in weight so you can install it easily and clean your pool simply without facing any issues. Moreover, this pump holds with the auto timer so you should reset it for every 2-12 hours of time.

In addition, it contains the Hydro aeration technology inlet. With the help of this inlet, you can improve the clarity of the pool water as well as it helps to improve the water circulation gently.


  • It does not affect the cold weather.


  • The motor offers the noise.


Without any doubt, it provides the better guarantee to you. Moreover, if you buy this filter pump, then you can save 60% of the money from your budget when comparing to the other.

Hayward SP1580X15 Power-Flo LX Series 1-1/2-Horsepower Pool Pump

Generally, this Hayward SP1580X15 is one of the super powerful pool pumps in the market. This pool pump offers its better service to the above ground pools only. The entire parts of this pool pump are made using the high-grade materials. It ensures the long life which means you can use to enjoy its benefit in all-weather condition.

  • Powerful motor:

The most special thing about this pump is the powerful motor. This effective motor uses the horse power to clean the pool effectively.  Moreover, the body of this pump is heat resistant which means it can able to manage the high amount of the heat simply during the hot summer.

  • Good holding capacity:

Yes, when comparing to the other pool pump, it has the nice holding capacity. Furthermore, it contains the large size of the filter basket. With the help of this large basket, it can able to store the high amount of the debris from the pool effortlessly.


  • Cleaning the filter basket is very simple.


  • It requires the frequent maintenance.


In the final analysis, this horse power of the motor works really well for long years. Moreover, it comes with the noise free motor.

Intex Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump

Commonly, when comparing to the cartridge filter pump, the sand filter pump gets the over demand in the market because it is energy efficient and also it clears the 99% of the dust in the swimming pool. Are you getting impressed about the sand filter? If so, then purchase this Intex Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump.

  • Great water filtration:

It is best to install in the above ground pools. Moreover, this pool pump has the ability to clean your pool water and filter the dust or hardest debris from the pool completely. Besides, it uses the excellent filtration system so definitely, you can easily refresh your pool water with it without taking any efforts.


  • It comes with the excellent 24 hours timer.
  • It helps to maintain the pool water gently.


  • It is tough to clean as well as maintenance too.


Confidently, this pool pump offers the extraordinary life to you. However, you should replace the sand every 5 years of time to enjoy its performance.

Intex Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter Pump 1500 GPH Pump Flow Rate

Do you want to enjoy the clean and fresh sparkling pool water in this hot summer? If so, then buy this Intex Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter Pump 1500 GPH Pump Flow Rate. You can simply install it nearby your above ground pools. For that, it does not need any tools.

  • Excellent performance:

This filter pump uses the high power motor to filter the water in the pool. In addition, it gives the better support to mounting it on the base nearby your above ground pool. Moreover, when comparing to the other filter pump, it quickly cleans the debris from the pool.

  • Affordable price:

Yes, without any doubt, this pool filter is made using the high-grade plastics so it has the ability to absorbs shock as well as it will manage the cold weather simply. Moreover, this pool pump comes at an affordable rate in the market.


  • The motor is very quiet.
  • It is most popular in the market.


  • It is easily flammable.


What’s more? Install this efficient pool pump for your above ground pool and enjoy the clean, fresh, sparkling water in this summer season.

Final Verdict:

If you want to get clean and the luxury looks from your pool, then the installation of the pool pump for your swimming pool is very must. Hopefully, the above top rated product will help you to get the clean swimming pool gently. At the same time, it stimulates you to swim in the pool greatly. What’s more? Use the high-quality of the pool pump and enjoy with your pool in this hot season.

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