How Big Pool Filter Do I Need?

If you are searching for knowledge about the pool cleaners, then you can buy the large size pool cleaners which may be high in cost but suitable to all size pools. Apart from the consideration about the cost and space, it occupies, normally the large size pool filters are having a high benefits than the small size pool filters.

Some of the common benefits of buying large size pool cleaners are listed below,

  • They have a longer filter cycles or time between backwashing,
  • They have less bypass of fine particles,
  • They have greater filtration of the water,
  • They have faster clean-up of water issues,
  • They have long lasting filter media,

Normal Size of the Home Pool Filters

Normally the pool filters which are used in the home pools are measured by the square footage of surface area, which means when the more square feet of filter media are prefer for your use then they having the better filter performance. But the problem here is, and then can be tricky when you try to compare it with a 3 type of pool filters to each other.

This is because of they all are trap dirt and debris in various ways, and within in each type of filter, they are typically have 4 or 5 different sizes. Of these sizes, the smallest one are suitable for the above ground pools and the mid-range pools are suitable for the small pools of 15,000 gallons and the big filters are consider as best for the pools which are having size as 25,000 gallons and above.

Here we are list out the common size of pools with its filtration rate, design flow rate and turnover in gallons for both small and large size pools,

  • Filtration rate 25 ft2 with a design flow rate of 25 GPM and turnover in 8 hours is 12,000 and 10 hours is Relationship Between Pump Sizes to Filter Size15,000.
  • Filtration rate 50 ft2 with a design flow rate of 50 GPM and turnover in 8 hours is 24,000 and 10 hours is 30,000.

Relationship Between Pump Sizes to Filter Size:

When you having a large size pool filter, then there is no need to worry about the pump being too large for the filter size. And also there is no need to worry about even the pump seems as undersized for a larger pool filter.

Because when the pump is too large in size then, however, it can make it for all sorts of trouble to you. The dirt can be pushed via the filter and the internal parts can become crushed or cracked and the high-pressure in the pump makes it as slow, inefficient and potentially hazardous situation.

On the other hand, if you are looking to know the filter size with a pool size then the formula for measuring it will be length*weight* average depth*7.5  for the rectangular pools. For the oval size pools, this formula can be changed from the multiplier as 1.5 to 5.9.

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