How to Maintain Inflatable Hot Tub?

The inflatable hot tubs are very simple to look and easy to operate. The maintenance of this kind of inflatable hot tubs is also very easy. You can able clean this kind of tubs with easy step procedures which are listed and explained below,

Step 1: add chlorine:

At the first step of your cleaning process, you need to sanitize the water, normally with a chlorine. So that you can testing the ph leveladd your spa, which does not turn into a green pond full of algae. Most of the spas are include a floating point dispenser that constantly chlorinates the water. In most of the cases, this step is automated.

Step 2: testing the ph level:

You need to use water which is tested for cleaning your inflatable hot tub. In most of the spas, this will include a test kit when you purchase the tub first time. You can also able to get a package which is filled with more than 50 strips to test the tub for each time.

You can check your water ph level at weekly once or monthly once. While you buy the hot tub the manual comes with that will specify the ph level of the water. Normally it will range from the water in an inflatable hot tub is about 7.2 to 7.8 ph.

If the level of the ph falls below the ph level of 7.2 then the water is considered as too acidic and it can able to corrode the inner working of the pump. If the ph level of the water is above  7.8  then it can lead to the mineral deposits.

Step 3: Clean the filter:

Some of the inflatable hot tubs will have one of the filters where as other have 2. You can check these regularly to wash away any debris which has accumulated in them. You can try to keep the stuff from building up in the filters since this will prevent them from working as well.

Clean the filterYou can do this for every week or else or a few weeks after. You need to keep in mind that the filter cartridges which also have a certain lifespan and you will need to be replaced at some point after that check it with your spa’s manual.

Step 4: other additives:

Some of the spa packages also include a water softener solution and some of the other will give you a saline solution to eliminate the need to use the chlorine chemicals. They don’t need to make the hot tub for cleaning process and many more difficult, they are just some extra things to pay the attention to.

Step 5: cleaning the spa:

When you empty your hot tub or they are draining it and refilling it, which is a good time to actually clean it with a mild soap and water. Most of the people are normally use a soft cloth to wipe it down, and you need to avoid the harsh chemical and brushes to clean your hot tub.

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