How Pool Filter Works?

If you having an own pool in your home or office, then understanding the facts about how the pool filter is work will help you to make the right choice for you, your budget and your pool maintenance. Normally all the pool filters have their definite benefits and drawbacks as per their specifications. When you know the basic procedure for working on the pool filter then, you can easily manage the drawbacks in it.

The working process of the pool filter starts as, during the normal operations, the water is drawn from the pool using a suction hole which is created by the pool pump. Then the water is drawn into the pump for the main drain and skimmers.

Here the pool pump will generate the pressure that circulating on the water via the pool filter, heater or heat pump, chlorinators or some other pieces of equipment and then the filtered water is returned back to the pool again. Approximately the filtering and sanitizing of the pool water will help you to keep it healthy and free form debris, bacteria, and algae.

when you consider for looking the working process of different types of pool filters then they will have separate Sand Pool Water Filtersworking procedures based on their parts, for example, the sand pool filters and the D.E pool filters working process are explained below,

Sand Pool Water Filters:

The sand pool water filters will extract the impurities from the pool water using the pool water using a sand to collect and attract the debris as small as 2- to 40 microns. This method filtering is one of the most simple and fool proof method for filtering the pool water.

In terms of up keep, these kinds of filters are known as the best for last for decades with a very little maintenance procedure.

Pros of sand pool filters:

  • It is simple to operate and maintain.

Cons of sand pool filters:

  • Water, chemicals, and heat are lost during backwashing and will not filter out very-fine particles.

D.E Pool Water Filters:

The D.E pool heaters are approved as diatomaceous earth water pool heaters which are a mineral that mined and is D.E Pool Water Filtersthe fossilized exoskeletons of tiny diamonds. The D.E is used to coat the grids in the filter housing and acts as tiny sieves which permits for the removal of debris as small as 2 to 5 micron.

Once the water pressure gets raises the filter is back washed just like a sand filter and then they will get recharged with more D.E power.

Pros of the D.E pool filter:

  • E offers the finest level of filtration available delivering the clearest water possible.

Cons of the D.E pool filter:

  • Water, chemicals, and heat are lost during backwashing.

Other than these two types of filters, there are many other pool filters available in the markets such as cartridge pool filter and more, from that you have to select the proper one as per your need so that you can enjoy your pool without any dust.

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