When to Replace Pool Pump Impeller?

The pool pump is the vital piece of equipment which is needed to keep your pool water clean, warm and hygienic one. Once the pool pump is malfunctioned or worst, then it burn out and there are many alternatives which could be done for changing the pool pump.

The new generation of pool pumps coming out of the market which are equipped with automatic controls, safety options and they could be self-repaired by the owners for simple problems. There are many more guides available in the market regarding the pool pump repairs.

Here point to note is not all motor or pump troubles should be handled by self-repair, there are sometimes complicated problems and troubles which only experts could be trusted on the repairing, especially on the electrical aspects.

Any of the symptoms of tear and wear should be given notice so as not make them worst. In addition to the piping system, the electrical wiring and some other accessories like heater, chlorinator, skimmer and etc, should be checked frequently for checking the possible mechanical or electrical troubles.

Most of the manufacturers validate the service life of their pool pump motors at 8 to 10 years durations. If you want avoid the common mistakes which the pool owners do when trouble shooting their pump. Here we are listing out some of the common pump problems,

Defective bearings:

The defective bearing is the most common trouble on pool pumps which is always encountered. The bearing of vulnerable to shock, vibration, and corrosion will lead to effects in pumps. When you hear the sound of the motor experience the abnormality such as whirring sound, then it is time to replace your bearings.

Stock-up impeller:

Impellers are also vulnerable to the clogging, particularly if the water it is pumping is full of large debris which may accidentally pass via the strainer or filter. The sand filter seldom experienced this as a common problem.

Sometimes, the impeller washer, nuts, and diffuser bolts have loosened or worn out and these clogged the system and addition to the large debris like pieces of leaves and etc.

Dehydrated pump during the startup:

The pump should be run with enough water which is called as priming whereas some other are primed manually. In case of the motor which is run without on the system, this may over speed the motor shaft due to it has no medium which may slow down the speed. The motor should be shut-off immediately to avoid further damage happening in the system.

The over speeding of pump may cause the motor to overheat and burnt-out the winding if not corrected immediately.

Short circuit:

The short circuit occurs when there is presence of any liquid such as water inside the motor’s windings. This water may seep fully during a while night’s strong rain.

Size of the piping system:

Most of the common denominator in designing motor size in a normal pool is that the whole water in the pool should be-re circulated within 8 hours.


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